The Carnivores Lasagna- Sunday in the Kitchen with Katherine

Sunday in the Kitchen with Katherine
The Carnivores Lasagna!

So a few weeks back we inherited a crockpot.  My first attempt to use it turned out delicious! 

1)   Fry up (in coconut oil) some ground meat of your choice.  (1 lb)
2)   In a separate frying pan cook up a package of bacon.  (Try not to eat all the bacon as you slice it, gets me every time!!). 
3)   Cut up a large sweet potato into very thin slices.
4)   When everything is cooked begin to layer the ingredients in the crock pot.  Start with a layer of sweet potato, add the meat, then sprinkle some chopped up cooked bacon, repeat.
5)   When the layers are complete crack 4-5 eggs over top of the ‘lasagna’  (this is what will hold it together in the end).
6)   Keep in the crock pot for about 6-8 hours on low-medium heat.


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