Dynamic Warm up- Plank Frogs Push ups- Muscle up Monday.

Muscle up Monday

Dynamic Warm up Exercise:  ‘Plank Frog Push ups’
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(this isn't really the best picture to describe, let me know if you have questions)

It is extremely important before you exercise to perform a dynamic warm up.  What this means is doing a series of exercises that stretch the muscles, get the body warm, and especially open up the joints that you are about to work!  If we forget to do our dynamic warm up we may end up with injuries, as well as overly tight muscles, which over time can limit the amount of strength we can develop, as well as many other things.

A great way to warm up pretty much the entire body (but especially the lats, chest, and hips is the plank frogs (I totally made up that name, btw).

1.    Perform a proper push up (as outlined in the push up-plank blog).
2.    Come up into a high plank, and then sit back onto your heels, letting your knees go wide, but keeping your hands where they were on the mat. 
3.    Confused?-  Take a look at the picture.

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