Push up to Plank “Ladder”

Muscle up Monday
Push Up to Plank “Ladder”

This exercise I great for not only the chest, but for core strength and stability.  It’s also quite tough for muscular endurance, making it a challenge!

1)   With your hands just outside of your shoulders, firmly planted on the ground, perform a push up from knees or toes.
a.    Keep the body in one straight line from head to toe (keep the bum down).
2)   Come up from your push up, contract the core and twist one arm towards the ceiling, gaze towards the ceiling- hold for 30-90 seconds.
3)   Come back to center and perform 2 push ups.
4)   Lift the alternate arm and stretch towards the ceiling.  Hold for the same amount of time as the first plank.
5)   Come back to center and perform 3 push ups.
6)   Continue this combination until you have reached 5 push ups, then hold a front plank for 30-90 seconds.
download (13)
**Note:  You can perform the push ups from your knees and than transfer to a side plank from your toes if you aren’t ready to do both activities from your toes.

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