Sunday in the Kitchen with Katherine- Homemade chocolate

Sunday in the kitchen with Katherine

Homemade Chocolate- SAY WHAT????

Lately I have been monitoring and dealing with extremely low body temperatures, aka extremely crappy metabolism.  In an effort to boost both of those I have been trying to indulge a little more in foods and recipes that can boost them!  After I wrote this blog I found this great article about why good quality chocolate is beneficial for so many reasons (including selenium, magnesium, metabolism, and mood enhancing benefits):

Kyle and I found this chocolate recipe a few months back.  The first time we made it with xylitol, and it had too much of an after taste.  I suggest that you experiment with the sweeteners you enjoy the most to get the perfect taste.  Nowadays I would be most likely to go with honey.

Here is the simple recipe:
1.    Heat ¾ cup of coconut oil on low heat on the stove.
2.    Add in ¾ cup of coca powder.
3.    Add in ¾ cup of honey or any other form of sweetener.
4.    You can also add salt or cinnamon, or other ‘flavours’ at this point.
5.    Toss this into the freezer to let it solidify, take it out and give it a bit to thaw and enjoy!
6.    Or take the melted chocolate and cover some fruit in it for fondue J

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