Muscle up Monday- Sit up Punches

Muscle Up Monday with Optimal Health Coaching

Sit Up punches

Here’s how I add some flavour to my sit-ups once in awhile to engage the shoulders:
–       Laying on your back plant your feet into the floor
–       Hold a 3-12 pound weight in your right arm
–       As you exhale and contract the core lift the right shoulder off the ground and punch to your left side
o   Imagine there is someone standing to your left and you are punching them!
o   Keep the non punching shoulder (in this case the left) on the ground.
–       Punch fast, hard, stay engaged through the core and the back.
–       Aim to do 20 and switch to the other side!

images (10)Hahaha…no wait…that's not right.
0703100519That's better…

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