Muscle up Monday- Triceps straight arm pull down with resistance band.

Muscle Up Monday with Optimal Health Coaching

Straight Arm Band Pull Down

Looking for a great triceps exercise that you could do from home?
Do you have a resistance band?
Often I do this exercise as a warm up before lifting heavier weights for shoulders/tris to ensure I am activating the rotator cuff muscles.
Simple set up:
1.    Swing the band over top of something about 2 feet above your head.
2.     Grab handles and hold them equally out in front of you (about a foot in front of you)
3.     With straight arms pull the band and lower your hands to the front of your thighs.
o   Keep the shoulders down (don’t let them hunch up close to your ears).
Do a few sets of 20 to get this moving nicely!

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