Muscle up Monday- SQUAT

Muscle Up Monday with Optimal Health Coaching


The squat, one of the top exercises you can do for core/back/leg strength and mobility/flexibility.

You want a great ass?  SQUAT
You want to run/hike/ski/swim fast?  SQUAT
You want to improve overall strength?  SQUAT

But most of all…YOU WANT A GREAT ASS

If you googled how to squat properly you are going to find a million responses about whether or not you should go below parallel, how wide apart your feet should be, etc.  For the sake of this article I am going to teach you how I have learned to squat, and how I teach all my clients to squat.  This is based on what makes the most sense to me anatomically and biomechanically.  Unless we squat below parallel we only activate the quadriceps and not the hamstrings, hips and glutes as effectively.

Here’s how to set it up:
–       Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width
–       Point your toes out slightly (about 45 degrees)
–       Keeping the chest up tall sit back as if you are sitting fully into a chair.
–       Take a look down- are your knees coming more forward than your toes?  You are most likely sitting too far forward.  To fix this pick your toes off the ground (this will force you to sit back).
–       Are you letting your chest cave in?  Stop.  Lift it up
–       Come all the way down so that your bum has dropped below parallel from your knees.
–       Keep the core engaged the entire time.
–       Stand back up by squeezing the glutes and driving the knees out (don’t let them cave in).
–       Come all the way up to standing.

Most common mistakes I see:
–       Not sitting far enough back (weight needs to be in the heels)
–       Not sitting low enough
–       At the bottom of the squat letting the butt ‘wink’, maintain glute/core activation, and increase hip mobility to decrease this.
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