Sunday in the Kitchen with Katherine- Spaghetti Squash

Sunday in the kitchen with Katherine

Looking to steer clear of the starchy carbs tonight?  I have become obsessed with spaghetti squash for oh so many reasons, but mainly because it’s delicious.

I suggest you try it, tonight.

Here’s how you make it.
1.    Buy a spaghetti squash.  Cut it in half (be careful).
2.    Drizzle some melted coconut oil all over the inside.
3.    Place it face down on a baking sheet in the preheated (to 350 degrees, I honestly cook everything in our stove at 350, any higher and it gets smoky and sets the alarm off!).
4.    Bake for usually around 35-40 minutes.  You can test it by flipping it over and using a fork to see if it peels away nicely into strands.
5.    When done allow it to cool, scrape it out of the squash shell with a fork and throw some cooked ground beef, veggies, and a delicious homemade sause on top!
6.    Yum Yum!

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