Muscle up Monday- Spiderman Push ups

Muscle Up Monday with Optimal Health Coaching
SpiderMan push ups

Tired of doing the same old push ups all the time?
Spice it up! 
To do a regular push up:
–       Get down on your hands and knees, and plant your palms into the ground directly under your shoulders.
–       Decide whether you are going to go from your toes or your knees (easier).
–       Come up into a high plank position (keep your body in one straight line, keep the core tight ~ don’t let that belly sink!).
–       Bend the arms and lower your body to the floor, ideally so your nose touches the ground.
–       Exhale and push back up
Now, for the interesting part
In a high plank position draw your right knee up towards your right elbow and hold it there while you perform a full push up!
–       switch and do the left side.
–       Remember to breathe!!

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