Recently I wrote an article for a journal on caffeine consumption and what it can do to your body, and more specifically your workouts (as this journal was written for optimizing human performance).

To read a little more about my health journey and a more detailed description of my experience with coffee, please take a look at my website:

The moral of the story is that I overstressed my body through a ton of coffee consumption and exercise which left me unhappy, exhausted, moody and grumpy (you can see some awful pictures below about what happened to my skin during this time).  The caffeine left me feeling anxious, depressed, increased PMS symptoms, as well as many other side effects.  Obviously there is not always one single trigger leading to the breakdown of a body like mine did, and I am sure there were some mind-body issues happening as well as some foods that weren't being tolerated by my system, but overall I am sure my coffee consumption is what drove me into the ground.  My workouts suffered because I was never recovering from exercise, and I would pump up on so much caffeine to get through a workout that I had no energy left for the rest of the day.

Now I have probably 1 coffee a month when I feel like it (I still do like the taste!).  Instead I will have all types of teas/herbs, and vitamins and minerals.  David's tea has had a huge role in my ability to give up coffee because I can replace the morning ritual with an herbal or green tea, or sometimes a black tea.  B vitamins, probiotics, liver support, and a plant based bioenergetic product called Xtra have also allowed me to transition off coffee with ease. I also have found the proper way to eat and exercise for my body which allows me to maintain energy throughout the day.  I walk around with a smile, have all day energy, and don't find myself napping or in grumpy moods anymore.  I now exercise to the level and amount that my body/motivation/food supply wants to push me that day.  Rather than stressing about getting in 5-6 days of activity, if I am exhausted I won't pound a coffee and hit the gym, I'll rest.  Funny thing is, I have more muscle and strength then ever before!

The reason I want to share this story is a lot of people don't realize there is another way to go about life without caffeine dependence.  I am going to go ahead and say that if you can't get through a day without a coffee, you rely on it, or without it you wouldn't be as happy/friendly/energetic or hardworking in the gym without it then you might want to look at your dependence.

My business is Optimal Health Coaching so when it comes to coffee I believe that we should be looking at your relationship with coffee.  If you could wake up and it wasn't a huge deal whether you had a coffee or not, I see that as being ok, continue on your path of using coffee in moderation and as part of a healthy diet.  Just like any vice you may have- a few cookies here or there, some drinks on the weekend, a bag of chips- we all have something we enjoy indulging in, and that's what I see coffee as being.  If you wake up excited to put on a pot, I am going to suggest we take a look at what is out of balance in your lifestyle.


Just ask πŸ™‚

–  Katherine

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