Muscle up Monday- Plank/Yoga push up

Muscle Up Monday with optimal health coaching

Plank/yoga/push up
Do you like my fancy names?

Here is a variation to make your push ups a little more exciting and challenging. 
1)    Come into a high plank position.  Your hands are on the mat, shoulders stacked over wrists, knees can be on the mat (easier), or off (harder).
a.    The pelvis is down so that the body is flat/level.
b.   Hold the plank for 3 seconds, then drive your hips back into downward facing dog yoga position (What this means is that your legs and arms are straight, and your butt is high in the air -you are making an upside down V with your body).
2)    Then scoop the chest down towards the mat, bend the arms, and have your chin trace down along the mat and then drive your chest up to the ceiling.
3)    From the position tilt your pelvis back so that you are in downward dog.
4)    Coming forward drop the knees, or come into a high plank and repeat the sequence from step 1.
Confusing?? Here is a picture.

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