Sunday in The Kitchen with Katherine- Cold Brocoli Bacon Salad

Sunday in the kitchen with Katherine


Ok, so here is another easy recipe for you!
In case you haven’t noticed, I not only love fast and simple recipes, I often am not too precise with ingredients either.  I like to throw things together that I think should taste good, and see what happens!  Therefore I am probably not the best source for perfect recipes, but I am hoping that my blog can help stir up some ideas for you J
So this salad recipe is a knock off of a delicious one I often buy from whole foods.  One day I read the ingredients and just tried to make it on my own.  It ended up extremely tasty!

Warning:  as you may notice I batch cook a lot- so this recipe will make you a TON of salad. 

½ a package of bacon.
2-3 heads of broccoli
Some form of mayonnaise.  This could be made on your own (paleo style), which I suggest, or what I do if I am in a hurry is buy the ‘veganaise’ from whole foods.  It’s not ideal, but hey, neither is bacon.
Purple Onion
Cashews or Pecans
Raisins or Grapes

Simplest directions ever:  chop and mix!
–       If you are a nut or raisin lover, buy/add more of those! 
–       I love onion, so I make this recipe with an ungodly amount.
–       Be sure to apply the mayo liberally, not cheap out, this gives a lot of the flavour!

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