Muscle up Monday- Mountain Climbers

Muscle Up Monday with Optimal Health Coaching
Mountain Climbers

        Today’s exercise is a great exercise for two reasons:
1)    It requires no equipment
2)    It keeps the heart rate up high during weight training sessions.
Here’s how to do it properly:
1)    Come down to the ground on your hands and knees.
2)    Place your wrists directly under your shoulders
3)    Lower your hips closer to the ground so that your body from head to toe is a straight line.
4)    ‘Run’ one knee at a time into the chest, keeping the butt down and body in a straight line.
5)    Count to 50, or 30 seconds, or whatever you would like to use as a marker!
6)    Remember to breathe, and keep your shoulders over your wrists (activates the abs more).
There are a million variations to this exercise, let me know if you find it too easy and we can change it up!


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