Muscle up Monday- The lunge power up!

The Lunge Power up!
Lunges are one of my favourite exercises!  Who knows why really….??  They WORK!
Try this move to power up your lunges, add more balance, core, and cardio to your workout! 

To start:
–       Basic lunge:
o   Take one large step forward with one leg
§  Make sure both your feet are pointing forward, and your pelvis and shoulders are pointed straight ahead
o   Keep your shoulders over your hips and drop your back knee towards the floor
o   Ensure you aren’t having your knee more forward of the ankle/toe alignment (aka, knee should stay over ankle)
o   Option is to drop this down/up= lunge
–       Power up lunge:
o   Basic lunge
o   Then have the back leg drive up, come forward in front of you into a high knee motion
o   Step that same leg back into the low lunge position
o   Ensure you stay activated throughout the core
o   You can use your arms in a running motion for stability
–       Now add some speed !
–       Next level:  The standing leg (the one not going back and forth) has the option to come off the ground as you power the other knee up into a high knee!

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