Muscle up Monday ( On a Tuesday!)

Muscle up Monday with Optimal Health Coaching

THE Squat row

–       Quadriceps & gluteus medius + maximus
–       abdominals
–       trapezius, rhomboid major, teres major, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoid

–       If you are a beginner to either squats or rows, please work those individual exercises first to get a good basis for form and technique.
–       Using a cable machine & the row handle
Set up:
–       Using a low weight to start, grab the handle and step two feet backwards, facing the cable
–       Feet are a little wider than shoulder width, toes pointed out at 45 degrees.
–       Core is activated by drawing the belly button into the spine
–       Stick your butt out slight and bend the knees, keeping your back up tall, shoulders drawn down and back
o   You do not sit in a full squat position (butt below parallel), but rather a semi squat
o   Ensure your knees are over your ankles, and not too far forward.
–       Exhale and draw the elbows in alongside the body by retracting the shoulders
–       Inhale and reverse the direction of movement
–       Ensure your core stay’s tight throughout the entire movement
–       Don’t come out of the squat
Options for increased difficulty:  Stand on a BOSU ball.


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