Sunday in The Kitchen with Katherine- One day later

Good morning and Happy Canada Day!

This post was scheduled for yesterday, but Kyle and I spent a lovely day running around this massive inflatable floating water park in Harrison Hot Springs and I was wiped by the time we got home.  So here is your now weekly Sunday kitchen tip!


Sunday In the Kitchen With Katherine
One of my favourite ways to start my day lately has been making a power smoothie.  I have noticed a few things:
1)     Waking up and cooking is something I HATE doing.  If I am going to train clients at 6-630 am, I don’t want to be making eggs before the sun rises!
2)     A smoothie fills me up for hours until I can grab a snack between clients.
3)     I need a fast way to consume a ton of veggies in the morning and get plenty of vitamins and minerals in my body to get me going.
4)     I am not going to lie…after having eggs for so long in the morning I missed the old days of crappy cereal and having something sugary in the morning.  With my smoothies I have some natural sweetness in there- gets the seretonin pumping!
So that’s why I have created this amazing, delicious, fast, easy, nutritious way of starting my day with a BANG!

The Directions and Ingredients are quite simple:
–      Fill half the blender with whatever greens you have in the fridge (I have been using celery, kale, varieties of lettuce form my organic local delivery, cucumber, zucchini, etc).
–      1-2 cups of unsweetened almond milk.
–      Protein powder of your choice…I am still in the process of experimenting with a variety of whey proteins.  I have also ordered a low glycemic chocolate rice protein to try!
–      I put 2 ounces of XTRA and 2 ounce of ALEO (products I buy from Univera..the XTRA is what gives the drink the sweetness…If I wasn’t using it I would add some berries or other fruit).
–      1 tspn of Maca powder
–      1 tspn of Cocoa
–      1 tspn of cinnamon
–      1 tbspn of almond butter (or if there are nuts in the house I throw in a few almonds, cashews, walnuts, or pecans)
OR ½ an avocado
–      Water
–      Ice
–      Drink and Enjoy!

Other things I throw in sometimes:
–      pureed pumpkin
–      goji berries, or mulberries
–      beets/carrots or other more sugary veggies
–      varieties of fruits if it’s pre/post workout- bananas are delicious!

Bottom Line:
Nothing about this smoothie is set in stone.  The ingredients vary on a day to day basis.  As long as I ensure lots of greens, some protein, and some fat it always ends up tasting delicious.  I wanted to share this with you as they are PERFECT for a fast, easy, summer breakfast!

Comment below if you make a delicious smoothie, and what do you put in it??

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