Get OFF the treadmill.

  Good morning,

This post is written as a response to the podcast I listened to yesterday titled The Truth About Aerobic Training recorded by The Outlaws of Health.  (

First I want to give some background to why I listen to these specific podcasts.  About 3 years ago I did a very short internship with Tommy while I was becoming certified as a personal trainer.  To make a long story short I basically came in there about 20 pounds over my ideal weight, suffering with cystic acne, counting calories and struggling to abide by the Canada's Food Guide on a daily basis (because I was studying nutrition at Brescia that summer), and was spending hours and hours a day and week on the elliptical and treadmill and also my bicycle.  I was always tired, drinking a pot of coffee a day pretty much.  I watched how Tommy trained his clients.  They didn't do cardio- they lifted heavy weights.  They didn't eat grains or dairy.  They didn't tax their bodies in the gym everyday.  And they ALL had the body shape and energy levels I was striving for!  It took me 3 years to wake up to the fact that Tommy was doing something seriously right here, and now that I have started practicing a lot of better health practices in my life that I learned from him then, in the podcasts now, and from many other online health bloggers that I trust and respect I have the health and physique I have always been striving for.

On that note I want to mention their podcast on cardio.  I can't tell you how many social engagements, opportunities to spend time with family & friends, and opportunities to relax and take time to myself I have missed out on from stressing and obsessing about getting in my runs/bikes/workouts.  I can honestly say it was a bit of an obsession- I seriously thought if I didn't do that exercise I was going to balloon out and become an overweight person.  4-6 days a week since I was 14 I have been busting my butt with the cardio thinking I was getting somewhere… when all I was really doing was tearing up my joints, creating a HUGE amount of cortisol, stress, and hormonal issues in my body, and tiring myself out so I had no energy to do the rest of the things I love to do the rest of the day! Worst of all I was not running for fun, or biking for enjoyment, I was participating in races and events to try and lose weight, and it was never happening.  I am sure there are millions of people out there in the same boat as me, so please listen to what I have to say here.

As soon as I started exercising LESS, but more EFFICIENTLY, and lifting HEAVY weights, barely touching a single cardio machine, and eating really CLEAN I am more energetic, happy, fit, and slim then ever.  I still teach one aerobics class per week that I really enjoy and I encourage people that if they truly enjoy an activity definitely continue on with it.  But if I were teaching aerobics for weight loss or to look great in a bikini, I would probably encourage myself to rethink that decision…

You shouldn't be exhausted for the entire day from your workout!  I remember if I did a long run in the morning or after work I would be zonked, just needing to sit down and relax.  Nowadays I am energized by my workouts!

Stress, hormones, and cortisol have always been a huge challenge for me to try and moderate and control and have flared up into various health issues for me.  When we lift weights and workout with short bursts of heavy intensity we do create stress and cortisol production in the body (as does any exercise) but it's not prolonged for an hour like it would be for a massive run.  People have asked me in the past "If you workout so much why do you still have a bit of a belly" (I slapped them, don't worry), and I strongly believe this was for a few reasons:  I was eating way too many grains, and I was running a massive amount- my body was like walking inflammation.  Now that I am eating extremely clean and am sticking to 4 days of lifting, 1 day of aerobics, I am maintaining not only a healthy weight, but my body composition is starting to shape up and that belly is beginning to go away!  For the past month or so since sticking to my regime adapted from Karina Bay-Millar's on, taking the metabolic makeover to improve my glucose tolerance and decrease the inflammation in my body, and continuing to eat ENOUGH super clean healthy calories I am noticing muscles and strength in places there never once was- and my clothes are getting comfortably loose!

I encourage you to find yourself a trainer who has similar beliefs to what I have spoke about here today.  I have been counselling and educating my clients to do everything I have talked about in this blog and they are seeing amazing results!  Check out my testimonials page over the next few months as I get some new ones up there to support this blog further!

Thanks again, feel free to ask questions- and check out more of their podcasts (I can't say enough good things about them, amazing learning tools!

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