Let’s build some muscle!


The post today is going to be based on a new workout routine that I am jumping into based on a new health goal I have set for myself.  I personally believe we need to continue to set and reset health goals or else we forget to change things up in the gym, challenge our bodies, and continue to progressively overload in order to be getting the physical and health benefits we desire.

For example, for quite some time now I have done a fair bit of cardio, taught group fitness once a week, and lifted some heavy weights with not a huge amount of structure and consistency.  It's helped me achieve the weight I want to be and the body fat %, but not the strength I desire or my ultimate physique goals.  Therefore I am testing the waters with a new program.  My new routine will involve 6 days of weight lifting, focussing on specific muscle group each time (rather than the whole body workouts I was doing before), and then whatever 'cardio' in terms of jogs and cycling etc. that I decide to do (more for stress relief than physical goals).  I am increasing my protein and overall calorie intake to ensure I have enough energy for the intense sessions.  My goals are to decrease body fat by just a few %, get dramatically stronger (I will be recording weights used each workout), and increase my metabolism by building a substantial amount of muscle.  As a side effect I feel I will look a little more lean overall.

I am very excited to be trying a whole new program, and nervous at the same time!  It can be scary for me to change my nutrition routine so drastically!

My posts for the next little while will most likely be concerning how things are going.  If you would like specifics on my program I am happy to share.

Thanks for reading!

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