Becoming Vegan to Prevent Alzheimer’s? And Detox Update.

Hello world!!

First of all an update on the detox:  We have finally cut out a lot of the 'extra beef' we had in the house, and both of us have realized that eating that much beef in a week is disgusting!  It's also kind of ironic that today I am starting off my day not feeling too well.  I think it's a combination of having a week of food loaded with saturated fats and not managing my stress in the best ways.  Today we on a better track.
Breakfast was:  one egg, half an avocado, salad with kale and butter lettuce, a small piece of cod, with a small amount of olive oil

For snack I just made us a juice with:  ginger, lemon, lime, beets, cucumber, celery, and an apple.  Delicious!  With a small handful of organic sprouted no oil added mixed nuts.

So it's off to a good start.  We will be doing a liver cleanse this week to see what happens!  Cleanses are always so controversial, but I am up for trying different things to see how they impact my health, and then I can report!

Beef leads to Alzheimer's???

This was the topic at an EarthSave event we went to last night, with guest speaker Dr. Neal Barnard – "Power Foods for the Brain"
President of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

My biggest take aways from the event:

  Basically to summarize his speech he boiled down Alzheimer's and brain degeneration to a few different topics.  What I found most interesting (and that I didn't already know) was:
1.  Copper and iron have been found in the plaques in the brains of people with Alzheimer's.  Copper and Iron are found in:  pots and pans (suggested only pre menopausal women using cast iron pots, and get aluminum pans), some vitamins (he suggested men should not be taking any iron, iron in a vitamin is really only good for females below the age of menopause).  He also made reference to the amount of iron in meat and how this could be leading to overload.  Direct links have been made between saturated fat intake (meats, dairies, and processed foods).  He referenced other sources that I had heard of before (baking soda, processed foods etc.).

2.  Take Vitamin E to prevent Alzheimer's.  Studies have been done at Universities across the states to show this.  Make sure you are getting Vitamin E from food rather than a pill.  When we source Vitamin E from food we get a variety of forms of the vitamin, whereas from a pill we only get one form.  He suggested 1 ounce of raw organic nuts or seeds per day.

3.  3 other vitamins that are beneficial to prevention are:  folate (word comes from foliage), vitamin b12 (one of the few vitamins taken better in pill form then from food, more absorbable), and B 6 (people who took B6 actually improved their brain function and gained memory back!).

4.  Antioxidants in grapes and berries etc. have anthocyins that keep these fruits ripe against the elements, and therefore do the same for our brain!  (Don't load up on them, but add them into your meals!).

5.  The oldest people living in the world are vegetarians and eat a lot of sweet potatoes (Japanese, Okinawa).

6.  Places with aluminum in the water have 50 % more Alzheimer's.

7.  We need to continuously work our brains to keep them functioning properly.  Bilingual individuals have created more neural pathways in the brain and live 5 years longer!  There is a site designed to strengthen brain function.

8.  One of the most important things is sleep.  The first level of sleep is "slow wave sleep" where we store our words and facts.  The second level is "rem sleep" where we integrate skills and emotions.  Amyloid plaque production in the brain falls during sleep.  GO TO BED AT 10 PM!!

9.  Drugs- (he especially references a cholesterol lower drug) as well as midazolam, sleeping meds, antidepressants, antihistamines, anxiety meds, blood pressure meds, and acid blockers all can completely mess with your brain function and memory.  He also scared something scary about colonoscopy's.  They slip a drug in that completely messes with your memory but they don't tell you they are doing it apparently?

And now I am really made because I had typed up some notes on my phone and just accidentally deleted the rest of them!

Bottom line is:  I AM NOT GOING VEGAN.  I don't fully believe in it for myself because I know my body's tolerance to carbohydrates and grains.  I do not tolerate them!  Although I will still continue to adopt more of a paleo lifestyle I do need to stay conscious of my saturated fat intake.  I also notice after having my whey protein my digestion is not the best.  This morning I went and purchased:  chia seeds, hemp heart protein, and cacao nibs.  I will be incorporating those foods into our breakfasts more often to see if we can have a meetless meal here and there without loading up on the grains and carbs.  Also eating more good clean sourced fish/chicken/turkey rather than red meat.  Also being open to having egg whites as opposed to the full egg once in awhile.

It was a very informative evening.  I love hearing people speak on research and topics that semi goes entirely against the way I eat and have researched myself.  My theory is neither way is the right way.  We need to find a combination of a all encompassing whole foods diet of foods that are grown organically, locally, and sustainably, not genetically modified, as true to their original source we can find.  This way we don't miss any nutrients, vitamins, minerals!!

Thanks for reading- let me know if you have questions.

You can check out the event here to read more about the speaker and links to the Earthsave website:

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