Meetup Detox Group- Our 4 week challenge to ourselves- YOU are welcome to join!

4 week detox healthy eating program
Reason to try this detox:  As a health professional getting to the bottom of what works for me, what I should recommend to others, trying different nutritional practices to form my own opinion about them.

Some basic notes from our meeting:
Katherine: sleep 7 hours a night, and meditate daily
–  Kyle:  planning monthly for time for self and other activities, to ensure sleeping and staying organized and preventing overwhelm.
–  I want to read up on allergies to eggs, and fasting protocols, get good clean sources of water and fish, ginger root, apples, lemon,
PLAN TO START:  spend 2-3 day seating up squashes, red meat etc. from the house
–  do the liver detox cleanse for a couple days afterwards
First week – Eating mostly veggies and seafoods and water-
–  At the end of the week- one PQ detox day on fasting/veggie day, and Kyle will do a fasting veggie day
Second week:  start incorporating other meats back (bring back eggs, chicken, turkey)- another day of fasting/veggie/pq detox
Third week:  start incorporating red meats and starchy carbs (squashes, sweet potatoe) back once a day with breakfast and post workout- another day of fasting/pq detox to finish off the week
Fourth week: Eat clean still- 3 days of fasting/detox diet at the end
–  bring back in almonds, homemade almond milk etc, coconut milk

the next short section I found on
–       4 Litres of purified water per day
o   get two large containers to ensure getting this in.
–       2 green smoothies a day- blended up in the morning and brought to work throughout the day.
–       no sugar (or sugar substitutes- including stevia, agave, honey etc)
–       no wheat
–       no grains
–       no dairy
–       no red meat
–       no alcohol
–       no processed food
–       little fruit (just the ones recommended in the shakes)
Biggest Challenges:
Kyle:  not buying stuff when at work, not snacking when snacks are there, practicing self control, telling self no, being honest with Katherine when having things
Katherine:  not losing focus on what were doing- keeping it a priority, ensuring having food bought and made in advance for us, getting up early to make green smoothies for snacks, staying away from sugar substitutes.
–       help buying groceries,
Kyle- less bloating and indigestion, cut cravings 
Katherine- focus on losing body fat and weight to get back to weight around Christmas time when was feeling and performing athletically very well!  Remind self of being mindful with eating.

Any suggestions/ideas are more than welcome- this was a quick brainstorm and I am sure we will make some changes along the way!


–  Let's strengthen the health of the nation by increasing our own personal vitality and wellness.

xo Katherine

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