My experience with personal development.

I initially decided to take Discovery because I knew I didn't have close friends or relationships with people that were deep and meaningful.  I knew that I valued work over interacting with others.  I knew I was awkward & weird when hanging out with people and in the past it had really showed up in certain situations in my life.  I knew I was not confident and that my lack of confidence came across very often as shy/cold/reserved/serious and judgemental.  I knew I wasn't living out my life's passion and it was all obvious by the state of my skin health.  Consistent issues with acne, moodiness and other things made me realize I needed a change to be happier.  When I heard about this course I don't even remember what people told me, but I basically invited myself to the information night.  I knew right away I wanted to sign up.  I also realized although I knew I wasn't in the best spot in my life, I also had no clue or clarity as to where I wanted to be going.  I had no dreams, goals, aspirations (aside from he ones I had started developing as part of Univera).  My Discovery training started the night of the open house.  Kyle and I both knew we wanted to take the course and the obstace was finances.  We were completely shocked, and I cried in happiness for the first time when our friend who had taken the course before agreed to pay for us and we would pay her back.  I say that's when the course began for me because that my first lesson in unconditional support, servant leadership, and caring for others.

Discovery is an experience, it's not a lecture, or a book, it's learning through going through a process.  My Discovery experience was nothing but amazing and I proceeded to go on and do the advanced courses.  The value I have created for myself and my life is ridiculous!  There are definitely ups and downs, but based on results the money I spent was well worth it.  I have learned more about myself, why I do what i do, act how i act, then ever thought possible.  And along with that I have also learned to accept and be compassionate towards all aspects of myself (this is also due to working with my life coach every few weeks).  I am not saying there was anything wrong with me before the course- i had done some amazing things with my life, but it was out of balance.  I don't think I had ever called my brother on the phone, I spoke to my dad maybe 3-4 times a year, and I had a superficial relationship with my mom where we could easily ignore each other for weeks/months if we had an issue.  I had less than a handful of friends who I contacted regularly.  Now I have been able to become vulnerable, emotional, and speak what's on my heart to my family.  I have had some amazing conversations with them and opened up to them more than ever before.  I feel so much more sure of myself as a person that I can be less serious and enjoy the fun and spontaneity of hanging out with friends.  I realize now that in 60 years my accomplishments in life aren't going to tuck me in at night, but my loving husband and kids will.

My relationship with Kyle before the class was based on convenience, structure, similarities, and being best friends.  It was a great relationship, but we were both not accepting the fact there were pieces missing.  5 months of personal development together has allowed us to develop a dynamic, intimate, passionate, fun, supportive, extremely communicative, trusting relationship.  I couldn't imagine not spending the rest of my life with him.  Our relationship takes work, like any relationship, in terms of time for each other, understanding, and being curious of each other, being there to hold each other up in the darkest of moments, and being open to saying and listening to whatever's on our minds.

My career has been the most visible change to the outside world.  I am now self employed running my own Optimal Health Coaching business.  I am 24 and work on my own time & money!  It's crazy!  The freedom is ridiculous.  I can choose wahtever I want to do in my days.  I was always so afraid to make the leap because there is no security and I always thought you had to be a certain type of person to be successful at it.  I am that type of person!  With the right mindset, commitment, and openness to learning and growing it is POSSIBLE.  When you get clear on what you want and give it focus, it finds a way into your life.

Obviously there are times where I feel like I am right back where I started, but after reviewing the changes I have made in my life I step righ out of that.  I look forward to using the tools, techniques, and changes I have experienced in the course throughout the rest of my life.  And now it's time to pay it forward.  I want everyone of all ages and backgrounds to be open to experience what I did.  If you look at your life at this moment and realize that your health, wealth, finances, relationships with self & others, fun, or balance, is not where you want it to be, come and give the course a try.  What's the worst that could happen?  I learned a lot of things in the course I would have liked to avoided knowing, but it only makes you stronger to work through it.  I can honestly say at this point in my life I live every minute at my Highest and Best, with only fulfillment.

I have finally stopped going through the motions,and now live a full life of PURPOSE!


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