Active Living

General Health Tip:  Active Living

GET UP AND GET MOVING!  Being sedentary is now statistically more likely to cause death than smoking….

“Active living means that you find ways to be physically active every day.  Examples are taking the stairs at work or turning off the TV and going for a walk outdoors or going dancing”.

“There are many reasons why active living is a good idea for you and your family. It’s fun to be active together as a family and with friends. Kids who are active keep busy out of school and learn better in school. It’s a good way to meet new people”.

“Being active can help protect you against heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression and some types of cancer. Along with healthy eating, physical activity helps you maintain a healthy weight.

To get started you need to decide to be active every day – and you need to find activities that you enjoy. You’ll find ways to help you get started and great activity ideas in this section!”

Active Living means integrating physical activity into your daily routines, perhaps on top of regular exercise, or for more sedentary individuals active living can be a great step to begin incorporating healthy movement into your lifestyle.  Activities such as walking, gardening, housework, playing with your children, hiking, rollerblading, biking, and taking the stairs instead of using the elevator are just a few examples of how easily activity can be incorporated into your daily routine. In many situations the level of active living depends on how well your city and public health professionals have incorporated opportunities to lead an active lifestyle.  Programs that parents can get involved with such as organizing group walks for their children to school, and active after school activities are other examples of how the public can get involved in implementing active living programs.

Living an active lifestyle that incorporates 6 10 minute bouts of high hear rate activity per day has been shown to be just as beneficial as an entire 60 minute exercise bout.  Remember some of these benefits to our lifestyle include: improved health and fitness, improved posture and balance, increased self esteem, weight control, stronger muscles and bones, more energy, a more relaxed state and reduced stress, and continued independent living in later life.

Looking for some great ways to keep your family active?

101 ways to keep your kids moving:

Just Try It!  Try biking to work one day, you may actually find you get there in just as little time, in a better mood, and with a much better start to your day!  Store some clothes at work, or buy a nice backpack to commute them in J

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