Use free weights- hire a trainer.

One of the greatest values of having a trainer is they stay up to date on all that fancy equipment you see kicking around the gym!  By working with our body weight and other tools we are able to create the most effective, whole body, functional training.  For those of us looking to stay strong, limber, maintain good balance and stability, increase flexbility, and live long active lives we need to make use of free weights more and more often.  It can be intimidating for many reasons (as outlined below) but by spending a few sessions minimum with a trainer we can set you up on a program to introduce the 'fancy equipment' and move away from the stable machines).

Any questions?  Let me know, 

and remember, if you live in Vancouver, I offer a free one on one introductory session – your own personalized way to become introduced to free weight training!

Make today awesome!  (It's been hilarious here in Vancouver with all the snow- umbrellas in the snow will never cease to make me laugh!






Easy to get started with

May need some skill or instruction in order to get started.

Give added support for
those  with injuries

Could be TOO supportive

Cause you to use the support muscles of your body (balance work).

Could cause more injury.

Easy to use

Can be confusing as to where to start and how to proceed through working each muscle.

Save Time (controversial)

Save time, because you could use one set of dumbbells and stay in one area and work out entire body.  But different parts of your body need different weights.

Less intimidating (often come with a little diagram)

They are limited in their range of motion

Allow you to work in a wide range of motion.

Beginners may not be aware of proper range of motion techniques.

They are limited in the number of muscles you can work at once.

You can do compound exercises and work many different muscles at once.

They don’t allow you to work how your body would naturally.

Allow you to work your weaker sides.  For example on a machine your right side may always dominate for your left, but not on free weights.

Allows you to mimic movements you would use in real life.

More calories burned as you use whole body strength.  Because you support your whole body your core and stabilizer muscles are worked over time.  

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