Cravings are a good thing?

Good morning!

This morning I read a newsletter linked to the "skinny bitch" blog on how to prevent holiday cravings.  The author reinforced exactly what I tell my clients on a daily basis:  "If your body’s nutritional needs are not met, it will tell you to keep eating until you have all the glucose (energy), vitamins and minerals you need".  No matter what it is you are craving it is generally due to an insufficiency within your body, which then gets confused due to advertising, availability of processed food, etc. and we snack away on junk foods that aren't addressing the insufficiency in the first place.  Wow!  That makes so much sense!  But how do we figure out what we are deficient in?  By tracking your foods I (or any other hollistic nutritionist) can total up your daily foods to see where you are missing certain vitamins or minerals.  Another way would be to take a series of blood tests from an MD, or from a naturopathic physician.  Last week I went to the doctor to find out I have Macrocytic Anemia- this is commonly due to low B12 and Folic Acid….strange given that I eat plenty of meat and probably $30 worth of vegetables a day!  Moral of this story- it's good to check with your doctor too- from what I imagine, I probably have something else going on- perhaps a digestion issue, or lack of ability to use these vitamins.  Kyle mentioned to me the other day "It's kind of scary when I see you deficient in certain vitamins, you eat better than anyone I know"….so think about that one, how many of us when we are eating are actually thinking of what vitamins and minerals we have in our food?

I have always noticed with myself that I have been a little more tired than an average person (I put this off to my kidney disease), dark circles under my eyes (put this off to have 4 jobs), very challenging issues with  losing weight (put this off to genetics), but under it all perhaps this Macrocytic anemia (low Red blood cell count, and larger red blood cells than normal) may have something to do with it?  She also briefly mentioned a hormonal imbalance I have, and suggested it may be polysistic ovarian syndrome…she said we would cover that in our next visit!  

Anyways- enough blabble about me.  The moral of my post today was to highlight that if we fill up on enough good foods then we aren't as tempted, and are more easily motivated to stick to our menu plans.  "Skinny Bitch" suggests root veggies like sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, parsnips, yucca, beets, rutabaga, turnips, jicama and butternut squash.  Personally during my 25 pound weight loss I have stuck to beets, rutabaga, turnips, and jicima roasted with purple cabbage, radish daikon, eggplant, and zuchini.  I have found those flavours, textures, and nutritional content the best to fill me up and keep me full.  Absolutely ANYTIME I want a snack I go and have those veggies (after trying a big bowl of green salad first) and have never felt the need to go after my initial sweet craving again.  Thursday was a bad day food wise for me after the medical results….but I will blog more on that later!

Have a wonderful Sunday- I am heading on a long walk on the seawall and will call some friends from home πŸ™‚

Fill up on the good stuff πŸ™‚


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