Self Awareness (My own personal weight loss story).

This post is for people that have struggled for a long time to make eating/exercise/weight changes in their life, but something has been standing in the way.  It is my honest opionion that health and fitness are not a matter of diet an exercise, but in fact a matter of mindset and personal belief.  No matter what I tried previously (although I had never tried cutting grains and dairy out of my diet), nothing worked to bring me to my weight goals until I had my life, mindset, and happiness in order.  Diets are based on food and exercise choices, but lifestyle changes stem from changing habits, building strategies, becomming aware of your limiting beliefs, and 100 % commiting to changing your current ways to trying something new.  What I mean by this, as a health coach, is that I need to support my clients from a well rounded perspective, be empathetic to their resistance to want to change, and work with their limiting beliefs that will eventually come to sabotage their goal.  This weekend I re audited a course called Discovery, a course of self awareness and empowerment.  On Saturday the trainer quoted "If you think you don't deserve it you will sabotage it, and push it away, so that you can validate your belief of wanting to be right".  This quote struck a cord with me and my own personal struggles with becoming a healthier, fitter individual.  I had tried many methods of exercise and ways of eating to lose 20 pounds, to feel better about myself, and more confident as a personal trainer.  I realized that I first needed to be happy with myself in the present time, at my current weight in order to start making the changes, so that I could stop sabotoging my progress.  I am and always will be the same person no matter what shows on the outside, so before I lost the weight I needed to realize my self worth as a person and a personal trainer had nothing to do with my weight, but rather my confidence in myself.  When we try to make changes in our lives from a position of unhapiness we don't get far, it's like a vicious cycle, we try to make a change, fall back in our old belief systems, sabotage our program, and give up.  For myself and with my clients I now know to begin by focussing on successes and inner worth at the present time.  When we feel worthiness for ourselves and the choices we make with food and activity then we don't eat for emotional or comforting reasons, but for the sake of fueling our bodies for daily life and exercise.  When we love ourselves and believe in ourselves then we exercise because we want to and enjoy doing it, not just for the sake of burning calories.  By taking responsibility for all the choices and actions in our lives, and not blaming external factors, we feel empowered.  As we grow empowered we feel unstoppable and fantastic about the process we are able to guide ourselves through and bring great success to our lives.  Losing weight after never being able to in my life makes me realize I CAN DO ANYTHING.  To be able to conquer one of the biggest mental struggles I have had for the past 5-6 years has brightened my spirits professionally and personally.  I am not sure if this makes sense to many people reading this, but perhaps someone in a similar situation will resonate with this post, and understand that it is possible to reach your ultimate weight goal, but we need to focus on ourselves first.  Why are you eating/doing what you do with food?  Stress, tired, lonely, bored, angry, sad?  Get to the bottom of those emotions first!  Over time I will post about different ways I have overcome emotional eating.  For now, remember, I am the source of my choices, and I am responsible for every decision I make during the day, give 100 % full intention to everything you do so you know when you sleep at night that you gave your day 100%.  Make tomorrow a great day!!!!!

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