Want to reach a goal?

 Wellness Tip for October- Goal Buddies.

Whether you have a personal or professional goal, working with a goal buddy can help you reach your desired results! Start by searching in our own social circle for a goal buddy. If no one has similar interests look online for a local club/organization that might be striving for a similar goal. You could also earn an online body through a forum for people with similar interests.

A Goal Buddy:
– Provides motivation
– Provides accountability
– Increases our determination
– Is positive peer pressure that makes you don’t want to give up.
– Provides added knowledge, experience and resources.
– Adds some fun into achieving your goals.

A Good Goal Buddy for you to pick is someone who:
– You have picked personally and is striving towards similar goals. It needs to be someone you are comfortable with. If you are striving to run a marathon and they are striving to become a millionaire, this probably won’t work.
– Structure your communication so you know when and where you will be discussing your most recent updates.
– Discuss ahead of time what kind of motivation you require. If you are a person who requires a drill sergent goal buddy to keep you motivated, it won’t be beneficial to you if they stick to cheerleading for you.
– Set specific goals with steps and action plans that you can discuss along the way
– Use a timeline with steps along the way. Reevaluate your success and the timeline periodically.
– Celebrate your own personal success as well as your goal buddies. Treat yourself, and send them something nice as well when they have reached milestones in their goal achievements.


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