Officially my worst enemy in the world:  Stress.

So in April all of a sudden my face was absolutely horribly broken out to the point i didn’t even want to go into public and it affected my entire life: reason: stress.  It’s horrible!  There is no reason to let your thoughts and emotions get the best of you.  LUckily after cycling across Canada and realizing that there is more to life then stressing over lives and personal relationships.  Point of this story: my next blog article!  Stress less- borrowed from my favourite website (, if you haven’t checked it out, please do, if you have any kind of fitness goal it’s an absolutely wonderful little community and reference library here.

So here it is:

Wellness Tip for September- Stress Less

For the next month why not try one of these ideas a day to help ease some of the stress out of your life?
Stress often causes people to give up on good eating and exercising habits, as well as losing out on beneficial sleep. Stress is also related to some hormonal changes. When we become stressed the hormone cortisol is released because of our ancestors who required this hormone to deliver and added burst of energy usually to fight off an invader, or to escape a dangerous situation. Nowadays stress is often psychological and not physical therefore when cortisol provides us with an added burst of energy, we often don’t end up using it, and this could lead to weight gain. People also tend to overeat when placed in a stressfull situation as it feels comforting at the time. By waiting ten to fifteen minutes until a craving subsides you can teach yourself to rid yourself of emotional/stressful eating.

Here are 31 ways for 31 days to stress less:
1. Reach out and develop a network of friends and family who you can rely on and confide in.
2. Work up a sweat and picture the stress leaving your body as you exercise.
3. Breathe in an out slowly for 10 deep breathes when stressed, or many times throughout the day!
4. Hold Hands ☺
5. De clutter your life by adding some organization.
6. Get a massage to relax thos tense muscles
7. Develop a meditation mantra to say repeatedly when a stressful situation occurs to help you calm down.
8. Sleep for 7-8 hours a night. Naps work too!
9. Keep a journal to capture emotions as you are experiencing them.
10. Don’t multitask- focus on one thing at a time and do it to the best of your ability
11. Try aromatherapy to discover a certain cent that calms your mind. Generally lavender, chamomile, patchouli, and rosemary work nicely.
12. Try yoga to decrease stress and enhance well being.
13. Plan something fun to be sure you have set aside time to participate in activities you enjoy.
14. Accept imperfection by being realistic and asking for help.
15. Communicate openly about your thoughts and feelings in a stressful situation.
16. Be proactive when faced with overwhelming situations by developing a plan to overcome them.
17. Play a board game, it always puts a smile on my face.
18. Take care of your body by limiting alchol, abstaining from drugs, eating healthy and exercise. This way your body is better able to handle stressful situations.
19. Practice patience all the time, especially when you are in a hurry. Think of every situation that tests your patience as a learning opportunity.
20. Try to put your problems in perspective. Don’t make mountains out of molehills.
21. Meditation allows you to develop mindfulness. This way you can ignore distractions and engage in the present by enhancing well being.
22. Slip out the door and take a brisk walk to clear your mind.
23. Give yourself a massage on your shoulders, neck, and feet to rub away your tension.
24. Let go of the past. Dwelling on the past increases stress hormones and blood pressure. Forgive and forget.
25. Are you a slave to your dayplanner? Perhaps your overstretched- try cutting out a few things to spend time on things important to you.
26. Say no to drugs and alcohol. Although they may temporarily relieve stress they don’t teach you long term coping patterns.
27. Get a good cry in.
28. Stress balls work! By squeezing it and releasing it you are teaching your arm and hand muscles how to relax after tension, a great tip to teach the rest of your body!
29. Try a different method of commuting to work. A bike, bus, train, carpool can prevent that morning road rage.
30. Stay present. Focus on now. Don’t stress about the past or future because they don’t matter at this moment, and nothing you can do in this moment can change them.
31. Take a vacation to recharge your batteries.

• This calendar was borrowed from

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